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The future for your wind turbine:
Protect your components effectively against abrasion with innovative REWITEC-technology

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Protection with expertise for gears and bearings

Considerable amount of wind turbine operators in the world confirm the benefits of REWITEC. Certainly so, as numerous scientific studies and application reports prove: REWITEC extends the life cycle of all mechanical components, smoothens the noise and vibration and reduces wear. Meanwhile a classic is the extension of multiplier service life when the replacement is imminent. Even if late, but still through the addition of REWITEC the service life can be extended until the right planned replacement arrives without excessive costs.  Likewise with REWITEC the shutdown for replacing  component can be postponed for a time of low winds.


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To considerably extend the service life of wind turbine components is the function of innovative this innovative REWITEC surface technology. It can be applied at any time during the life cycle of components in the following 3 typical situation:

  • Preventive way: Considerable life extension if applied for the run in for preventing initial wear in rough new surfaces.

  • Correcting damages: Applied when first signs of damages arise, such as discoloration of surfaces, increasing vibration and noise, wear metal in filters, etc.

  • Mitigating failures: Components that get to the end of their service life, can be brought back for several months or a year through REWITEC.

To optimize profits, it is interesting that the replacement of a gear or a bearing, can be postponed to the right moment. Particularly important for returns is when the end of life approaches and the last months up to repowering the turbine must stay operational, REWITEC is a good recommendation in the wind energy field. 

The future for your wind turbine:

Protect your equipment effectively against damages with the innovative REWITEC surface technology

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