REWITEC Surface Technology
Wear in machines affect performance and reliability, and thus your operation and production are at risk.

Protect your equipment from unnecessary wear and damages and avoid expensive part replacement and repairs. REWITEC actively prevents wear in machine components and improves equipment efficiencies.

Simply add REWITEC to the lubricant and the rubbing surfaces of metal parts will be improved. Microscopic damage will be repaired by REWITEC and it will provide less friction to engines, gears and transmissions, bearings, and other components.

This means that your equipment lasts longer and at the same time extends their maintenance intervals. Once REWITEC is added to the lubricant, it offers many more hours of protection…without any tools, parts, repair, or maintenance.

The reconditioning process

Reibungen in Motoren und Getrieben lassen hohe Oberflächen-Temperaturen entstehen, die den chemischen Verbindungsprozess von REWITEC in Kraft setzen.

REWITEC surface technology is added to the lubricant,  which carries the fill metal particles through the machine to get to the loaded surfaces. Friction in machines lead to high surface temperatures that trigger the chemical bonding process of REWITEC.

Die weichen Silikat-Partikel reinigen nicht nur die reibenden Metalloberflächen, sondern bauen schrittweise eine verschleißfeste Metallsilikat-Oberfläche auf.

The machine is in full operation and it does not loose productive time. The soft silicate particles bond to the substrate and gradually build a wear-resistant metal-ceramic surface .

Diese neue Oberfläche verbessert die ursprünglichen Metalleigenschaften hinsichtlich Reibung und Verschleiß deutlich.

Mechanical parts acquire a and smooth layer, with lower friction, and with stronger properties of resistance to wear, to abrasion, and to fatigue. REWITEC is used in engines, gears, transmissions, compressors, bearings, chains, and many other applications protecting machinery and machine components in a wide range of industries.

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