Rewitec in Mining

The future for your fleet: Protect your equipment effectively against abrasion with innovative REWITEC surface Technology

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REWITEC is optimum matched to the requirements in mining equipment. In each type of engines, transmissions, bearings, final drives, and generators REWITEC evolves its development. The result is less abrasion and more uptime.

Many mining companies, owners and insurance providers trust REWITEC and have integrated the REWITEC surface technology completely in their processes.

Large engines and final drives

REWITEC evolves specific efficiencies and reduce damages y in the area of engines and final drives in shovels draglines and trucks. The reason for this is clear when one observes the REWITEC process: From the first minute of adding a metal silicate surface refinement is created. This operating principle has been proven already by many independent studies. Engine failures decrease power and torque increase, the fuel efficiency is increased thereby too, and in drives the life is doubled.

Gearboxes and bearings

Using REWITEC is a compelling investment from several perspectives: Firstly, it extends the life of gearboxes and of bearings in conveyors, and so in all equipment in which REWITEC is applied. This is proven by extensive testing in different application fields. Moreover, REWITEC increases operating time and so the opportunity for higher productivity. In addition to this commercial consideration there is one of sustainability: less change of lubricants, parts and less material usage, lower consumption of energy and fuels. Lesser resource requirement to support a system not only protects your investment but also the environment.

This gives a new meaning in the calculation of total costs over the life cycle. An equipment that is operating in good condition not only saves on parts and maintenance, but also makes money and fosters good profits.

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