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Brighter future for your equipment:
Protect components effectively against abrasion with the innovative REWITEC Surface Technology


Engines, gears, bearings, compressors, pumps, 

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Everything, which revolves, oscillates or moves underlies friction and thereby involving a natural abrasion. With preciously this field, the tribology has engaged the team of REWITEC and has achieved an extraordinary success.

REWITEC consists of the smallest silicates. They are designed under pressure and heat in the arrangement of layer on the touching surfaces. This refinement protects the equipment; damages on the metallic upper surface are abraded and removed.

REWITEC is not a means of magic charm; through a decade long research and throughout applications in thousands of machines, REWITEC is proven, tested, and scientifically confirmed high tech-product.


Long-term protection for your assets

Thereby the application of REWITEC is similar in multiple aspects to conclusive commercial protection of assets: On one hand, extends the service life of equipment on which the REWITEC is applied. That is shown in our long term tests in different application fields. On the other, REWITEC clearly increases uptime and opportunity for higher productivity. These add up with high impact in the calculation of the total cost in relation to the life cycle. An equipment that is in good operating condition saves not just in replacement parts and service maintenance. An equipment that is operating makes money and increase profits.


True sustainability

The protection of your equipment with REWITEC inspires not only owner, investor and insurance provider. There is an sustainable side to this commercial consideration: less lubricant changes, less parts and materials use, less energy and fuel consumption. Less resources required to sustain a system protects not only your investment, it also protects the environment.

Therefore for a sustainable company and for those who adhere to the sustainability plan for good reasons, there is no alternative to REWITEC.



The scope of application of REWITEC is ample: Go to your equipment and look at what moves and rotates. Gears, bearing, engines, compressors and many more can be optimized with REWITEC. Whether gears in wind turbines, vehicle fleet, marine propulsion, conveyor systems, power transmissions and many more applications. Talk to us, to find out the suitable REWITEC type and the specific benefits for your application.


Also for private use, many experts like REWITEC, for example to enhance the performance of your vehicle or to extend the service life of your vintage car. Some tune up their motorcycle with it.

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